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  • More workout routines!
  • More nutritional info!
  • Stairwells (Cardio)
  • Medicine balls
  • SPRI bands
  • 50 Different exercises:
    Each workout choreographed differently.
    "Not for cry babies."
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  • Safe Parking $3.00
Congratulations! Melissa L. Perrot.
Melissa has been a member of Basic Training close to a year. In 2007, Melissa decided to challenge herself and O'boy did she!... Melissa decided to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa. Mt. Kilimanjaro stands at 19,320 feet. To prepare, she purchased a weighted vest and added more resistance to simulate her pack. Then trained with Basic Training on the steep and challenging streets of Silverlake. Then if that wasn't enough, drove to Yosemite on the weekends to add the final touches! Melissa, Basic Training is extremely proud of you and as your instructor, you have nothing less than my respect and love. Job well done!

-Steven Brown



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