“Basic Training changed everything for me. Gym memberships never worked out
because I hated the monotony. I needed someone to expect me to show up and tell me what to do. Being outdoors takes the drudge work out of it, and Steven is great. He always
keeps it fresh and super simple. I’m in better shape and have more energy than ever, and the best part is I look forward to class. I never thought it could be so easy and fun.” – Caitlin

“I wanted to add some variety to my fitness routine, so I started basic training in November 2008. I love it! The camaraderie is great and you get to enjoy the outdoors all while getting an excellent workout (let’s see, would I rather climb the hills of Silver Lake under a gorgeous sunrise or jog on a treadmill?). Steven is an excellent instructor, very knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition, and makes the training fun even while you’re struggling to finish that last set of squats. I’m getting better results by attending three classes a week than I was going to the gym five times a week. I highly recommend it.” – Sarah

“I have two gym memberships that I never use. I’ve tried personal trainers, but that didn’t work. Basic Training is that magic combination that makes getting in shape fun. I’m not even a morning person, but this class makes getting up easy… something I never thought I would say.”

Alden Kirkman
Assistant Director

“I joined Basic Training four weeks ago and have attended 10 classes, and I am amazed about what is happening to my body! My legs are firmer, and my arms have muscle definition that they haven’t seen in 20 years. But most surprising are my abs; I have NEVER had muscle definition of my abs, and I’m beginning to see some lines! This is totally amazing! So, I feel better, I’m getting in better shape, and I feel a lot stronger. Basic Training is a GREAT workout!”

Jennie Redner, Regional Manager
Implementation Services, West Region
Intuit – MRI Real Estate Solutions

I really enjoy Steven’s Basic Training class for a few reasons: it is a small group class and the people motivate you to come in the mornings. At a gym you don’t get that. Second, we do different things every day. So there is no getting bored or hitting a plateau. Third, it is a great interval/station workout that is outside so you get the benefits of exercise as well as getting a chance to enjoy the outdoors!


“The Basic Training instructor is very creative and knowledgeable; he keeps things interesting, fun, and diverse. There’s something for everybody.”

Marsha Nardo
Off The Wall Catering

“I’m not as tired. More energy to do more things.”

Susan Heine, V.P. Marketing
Wherehouse Music

“Basic Training has made me realize how just 1 hour of steady exercise a couple of times a week isn’t as difficult as I thought it would be.”

Todd Heine, Senior Portfolio Analyst
Money Management Firm

“I enjoy doing the workouts in the morning because it gets my day started early…no more beginning the day feeling tired!”

“I really like the exercises Steven prepares for us because they include using one’s own body resistance instead of machines or expensive equipment. I’ve learned simple, effective exercises that help build my body’s core musculature…those muscles which support my frame, enabling flexible movement and balance. The exercises can be done by people of all skill levels yet no one is left unchallenged! “

“I have developed more endurance and body awareness for my physical health.”

Lori Lee
Small Business Manager

There are many reasons I started with Basic Training….damaged rotator cuff (which is now almost healed thanks to Basic Training) and my business, Real Estate and Finance Manager for Southern California’s Krispy Kreme Doughnut stores. Steven and the great support system of the group….keep me motivated and on track!

Janett “J.T.” Taylor
Manager-Real Estate Administration
Great Circle Family Foods, LLC
dba Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

“Years of gym training left me stiff, injured and bored. I’ve had more fun and better results in “Basic Training” than ever before. My cardio endurance and physical stamina have increased significantly during the 6-week program. Spending my early mornings outdoors breathing fresh air, enjoying the sunrises and doing this with a group of friendly people all motivating each other is fantastic. I’m signing on for more!”

Angelo Pacella
Director of Retail
Burke Williams Day Spas, Inc