Basic Training offers classes year around outdoors.
6-7AM – Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday – Friday

Silverlake – Outdoors year around
Basic Training Advanced Class
Basic Training is one of the most demanding boot camps in L.A. Participants are exposed to 50 different military exercises that are the core of Basic Training.
You will receive a full body workout and learn how to train not only the body, but the mind as well.
Commitment, Discipline, Respect and a “Can Do” attitude is essential to a successful workout and long term results.

Basic Training Beginners
For participants that are just starting out, we have the Beginner’s/Moderate Program. This program’s focus is to get the participant that has not worked out for a while, just had a baby, lost their motivation, put on a few pounds or just plain scared, back into a exercise routine. No fear in this class. You will learn and experience all 50 military exercises at a much reduced pace and intensity, but with the satisfaction of getting a good workout – Great class to get you started again. Do what you can do and eventually you will get up to “speed” with the rest of the class.