Benefit No.1: Self Respect
One of the most ambitious goals of the Basic Training Program is to influence the attitudes and actions of its most valuable resource – its participants. Many of the exercises involve teamwork, which helps to disseminate positive energy. The program is upbeat and motivational. While Basic Training does not pamper participants, its goal is for the participants to conclude their exercise class with an increased sense of well-being and accomplishment.

Benefit No. 2: Appearance
In today’s cosmetic society, appearance and performance are important in people’s lives and relationships. The Basic Training program can help you achieve these important goals by making exercise a routine that enhances physical appearance thus improving self-image.

Benefit No. 3: Better Health, More Energy
One of the most disruptive factors in life is being constantly ill or having a life threatening illness that could have been avoided. Having a preventive program in place, such as Basic Training may reduce illness and promote a healthy life style.

Benefit No. 4: Stress Reduction & Other Wellness Factors
Basic Training Program group classes reduce stress by providing participants with a fun, energizing and complete workout. Not only do participants’ bodies becomes fit, so do their minds. Vigorous regular exercise has been shown to improve the quantity of sleep, which in turn, increases energy and promotes a positive attitude.

Benefit No. 5: The Program is Fun & Educational
A portion of the Basic Training class involves teamwork so that everyone can participate and earn the respect of others. Participants feel a sense of accomplishment, pride, confidence and self respect as they progress through the program. The most important benefit of all is the knowledge you gain from the Basic Training Program. Participants learn how to take care of themselves and others at work, at home, anywhere.